Hello, my lovely readers welcome to GTechGuru, I Created this platform to share trending topics on technology, gadgets, social media, and many more. Blogging has been my passion since 2018. And this is my 3rd blog website.

Well, a little about me.

My name is Gitanjali. And I love to write content. I have been writing on skin care hair care and health care since 2019. But now am taking one step further into technology. Yes, being an engineer I always wanted to create something which is related to technology but due to many reasons, I couldn’t do it. But now am happy to launch GTechGuru as my other tech blogging site.

We all struggle a lot to understand new technology, new features, or new gadgets, but what if we find all the information in short and sweet? In GTechGuru I will be writing blogs that are reader-friendly and easy to understand. 

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