5 Reasons to Use ROG Phone 8

ROG Phone 8 is one of the trending phones currently in the market due to its features. This is a perfect phone for gaming. It’s an asus latest gaming phone and it is very thin, light and sprinkled with AI. It’s designed with unique technology to make it consumer friendly while using it for games. Let us know what are the 5 reasons to use ROG Phone 8. 

5 Reasons to Use ROG Phone 8

1.Good for gaming 

This phone is perfect for gaming. Most of the phone will produce heat while playing games but ROG Phone 8 has a conduction cooling system that uses boron nitride and copper to extract heat detector from the phones. Asus claims its approach is 20 percent more thermally efficient this time around but if you need more cooling the company also has a new version of its aero active cooler that can strap into the back of your phone. 

2.Has AI Powered Inclusion

As Ai is booming currently all over the world even Asus implemented the AI feature in the phone. You can easily search the name of the game via text. It also includes AI wallpapers that will generate custom wallpapers using stable diffusion.

3.Totally redesigned for the future

It is totally redesigned for the future and it’s the biggest revamp in its long history. The device looks 17% smaller, 15% thinner and 9% lighter. It’s a perfect lifestyle phone for gamers.

4.Water resistant

This phone is water resistant and you can use it while swimming or in the rain. It is IP68 -rated dusts and water ingress resistant so you can use it whenever and wherever with no worries.

5.Its Portable Powerhouse

It is powered by 3.3 GHz snapdragon 8 gem 3 mobile platform. Cpu is 30% faster and GPU is 25% faster than before. LPDDR5X RAM HAS 24gh AND ufs 4.0 ROM UP TO 1 tb. 

Key features of ROG Phone 8

  1. It’s a perfect phone for gaming
  2. Powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform
  3. Has 2500 nits peak brightness
  4. It is small, thin and light 
  5. CPU is 30% faster7 and the GPU is 25% faster
  6. Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 is used’
  7. Can easily capture  ultrawide shots, zoom in on distant objects, or you can record super-steady videos
  8. 50 MP main camera and 32 Mp selfie camera
  9. 0.7 x 13 mp ultrawide camera


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