OnePlus is all set to lauch OnePlus Buds 3 on 6th Feburay 2024. Now you can buy affordable earbuds and experience stunning audio with OnePlus Buds 3.  The adaptive voice cancellation feature in the buds going to give high-resolution sound. Let Us see the Top 10 Reasons to Use the OnePlus Buds 3 

Top 10 Reasons to Use OnePlus Buds 3 

1. Has an attractive  audio experience

Now enjoy an amazing audio experience with OnePlus Buds 3s. It delivers dual drivers and brassware enhancement. Buds 3s 10.4mm woofer teams up with Basswave to add a little extra rhythm to your step.  

2. Crisp, clear highs

You can hear high-pitched instruments and percussion more closely for more dynamics. It makes your listening experience more clear and beautiful.

3. Hi-res audio for low-key listening

It has high-resolution music courtesy of an LHDC 5.0 codec and Hi-Res audio certification that delivers natural, studio-quality audio. The sample rate and bit depth are 96KHz/ 24-bit and the bit rate is 1Mbps.

4.3D Audio

You can enjoy the 3D audio experience that is three three-dimensional soundscapes.  The audio sounds make you feel that you are in a live concert. 

5.Has noise control

It blocks unwanted voices from near and background to make your listing experience accurate and smarter. Has 49dB adaptive noise cancellation, 4000Hz noise cancellation range, and up to 99.6% total noise canceled. 

6. Can be used every day

AI Clear Call algorithm keeps your calls away from background noise and wind. You can use it while exercising, and while in the rain as well. It is water-resistant and dust-resistant.

7. Fast charging

You can charge for a few minutes to list for hours. 10 minutes of fast charging can give Up to 7 hours of playback. Once it is fully charged you can listen for Up to 44 hours. 

8. Comes with an attractive color

It has two colors: splendid value and metallic gray. Both colors give an attractive look to your ear. 

9. Affordable price

The cost of the OnePlus Buds 3 is ₹5499/- only. It is cost-effective compared to other earbuds and also has maximum features as compared to other brands. 

10. Easy to control volume

You can control the volume at your fingertips. By sliding your finger up or down on Buds 3’s steams you can raise and lower the volume.


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