Upgrade Your iPhone with an Amazing Luxurious Hermes FineWoven Cases for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

Apple recently took initiative towards environmentally friendly FineWoven cases for their iPhone. Slowhy it is going to move from  traditional leather accessories to environmental friendly accessories. Recently Dubai-based luxury brand, Caviar, has taken Apple’s FineWoven Cases to new heights by upgrading them with new luxury, genuines and fancy Hermes leather. The FineWoven cases already received a lot of mixed reviews due to fabric covering. However, Caviar’s craftsmen  have now replaced the fabric of the previous case cover with exquisite Hermes leather, ensuring a touch of luxury for iPhone users.

You can experience both luxury touch , sustainability and the premium feel of traditional leather. These cases are available in three different colors that is Fine Orange, Fine Blue, and Fine Brown. All the colors are attractive and give a luxurious, vibrant and stylish look to your phone. 

These luxurious, elegant , and beautiful = cases are compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPhone 15 Pro. If you would like to include luxury in your lifestyle then you can purchase it from https://caviar.global/ . But the cost of Fine organic is $2130, Fine Blue is $2130, Fine brown is $2130 and Viva Magenta is $1130. Bepreared to invest if you want to enjoy luxuriousness. Fine Blue and Fine Brown look very elegant compared to Fine orange. Caviar’s relief crown is made of jewelry alloy, coated with 24-karat gold. Where orange color leather is used in the production of Birkin handbags. It is developed with unique customization technology for Apple accessories.

These cases comes with an 2 year waranty and after 2 year you can also repair at seevrice ceneter.


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